InstaDog: Animal Instagram Pages

Note: Echo may be referred to as Miss Echo, Potato, Gremlin, Goober, Furbaby, Coyote, and Pupper in present & future posts.

Well, here it is. I took the leap and started an Instagram page for my dog, Echo. I refuse to keep all her beauty and cuteness to myself any longer. Haha. I am joking, well, maybe. To be honest I am crazy about taking videos and photos of my little photogenic pup, but I only post them on my social media pages every so often. I don’t know why, but I feel weird just obsessively posting pictures of Miss Echo on my own account. So, I made her an account of her own. There is something about a fear of annoying people with my Pupper Posts… so I figure whomever wants to follow her has made the choice to see numerous crazy, funny, and adorable pictures of my little potato.

I know many people who have social media pages for their animals. Let me make it clear, I have never disliked the idea of animal pages. I follow many dog pages on my personal Instagram, however, I just never thought I would be a dog-mom who makes an Instagram page for my potato. But here I am with a social media page for Miss Echo. Honestly, in the weekend I have had her page up I have posted more to her page than I do to my own.

I think it is kind of funny her page has already had a few offers to be a brand rep for different dog product companies.  I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. Currently, most of Miss Echo’s followers are many other animal pages and I currently follow many other animal pages from her Instagram. I can’t think of any better way to brighten a bad day than to look at puppy pictures and videos. Due to the amount of funny/cute animal pictures and videos on the internet, I am not the only one who thinks this.

I would like to note, the purpose of making her page was for my own personal entertainment. She has no idea what is going on, nor would she ever care. She just goes on living her best dog life; eating, sleeping, and playing, except when I attempt to take her picture. The little gremlin loves attention and does anything to get mine, but the moment my phone comes out she stops what she is doing and turns away. I kid you not. She turns her head away from me. I usually sneak photos or take them when she is sleeping, which is probably when she at her cutest.

Miss Echo is a 4-year-old Shepherd/ Shar-pei mix adopted from the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) when she was 8 weeks old. One of five pups found in the desert on the south-side of Tucson; with an umbilical hernia, sick from bad water (giardia) and ending her 30 day quarantine in a small cage, she stole my heart. She has slowly overcome a severe case of separation anxiety, she is very wary of people until they earn her trust, and she absolutely loves other animals. Okay, I might be a little bias about her. I love my furbaby and I am completely obsessed with her. Always have been and always will be. At least now I have a place to upload and share all my pictures and videos of this goober with the world.

If you would like to follow Miss Echo and all of her adventures, you can find her on Instagram at @missecho_potatopup

I am interested to know, what are your thoughts about animal social media pages?


2 thoughts on “InstaDog: Animal Instagram Pages

  1. Jugaaduwriter

    Animal social media page , not a very good idea. I mean an animal doesn’t know . Then why to make him a social media object. Instead spend that time with the pet.


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