And so it begins…

With all the current craziness in my busy life: (full-time) school life, (full-time) work life, social life, home life, exercise/gym life, relationships, self care, and Dog Mom, I have decided to add Amateur Blogger to the laundry-list of things I will attempt accomplish this year. I am not yet sure how often these posts will appear; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or maybe it wont even take off at all. However, I will attempt to relay stories of unfortunate circumstances that happen in my life. Stories of things that are not necessarily horrible, more or less a nuisance, but humorous nonetheless. Something I like to call, “Living in a perpetual Monday.” A goal for this blog is to provide an outlet for me to express myself with hopes of providing some laughs for you, the reader.

Quick disclaimer: I will be replacing names of people and places in attempt to keep anonymity for those that don’t want their life posted online.

So without further ado… Welcome to my life.

Maya Angelou

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